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Creature of habit seeking outdoorsy outgoing

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The cat, however, is shy around strangers and may even hide under the bed to avoid facing them. The word Nebelung is a descriptive term that translates to "Creatures of the mist" in German.

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Cobb recognized their unique qualities and decided to create a new breed. Nebelung cats are wonderfully affectionate, with lots of love to share with their families. These cats are gentle and would like nothing more than peace and quiet. Speaking tuscola mi adult personals socialization, it's very important to introduce the Nebelung cat to a variety of situations, sounds, and people from a very young age.

Creature of habit seeking outdoorsy outgoing seeking swinger couples

The Nebelung is almost identical in every respect to the Russian Blue, except that the. The Nebelung cat breed was developed in the s neath escorts Cora Cobb, a woman who owned two blue-grey cats that looked like Russian Blues, but with semi-longhaired coats.

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The legs should be long and well-muscled. A fully grown Nebelung cat might weigh between pounds or more and range in height anywhere from about 9"- 13" inches tall. Born in Connecticut, one sunny day of April, during the most interesting decade of past century!

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They can do well with another cat or dog that has a chloe escort boston temperament but may become fearful and anxious around a more active and energetic cat or dog. A Nebelung will enjoy the company of another cat that shares its quiet personality, but it may be less satisfied in the presence of rowdy dogs or highly active cats. There was nothing special about her — she was just a bog-standard Moggy — but wait!

Still, they will remain loyal and affectionate towards all family members. These cats can get very anxious indeed! This cat's outboing topcoat and pure blue undercoat lend a magical appearance that's much admired.

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Personality of the Nebelung Cat. Caring for a Nebelung Cat.

Despite growing interest and popularity, it is still difficult to find Nebelung cats in most places. The outer guard hairs should be a lighter silver color than the undercoat, which should be a deeper blue.

Creature of habit seeking outdoorsy outgoing

This breed is highly intelligent, and is easily taught how to play fun games like fetch. The Nebelung is a another intelligent breed of cat. Nebelung Cat care, personality, grooming, health, training, costs and feeding all included. Like a few other breeds, the Nebelung cat has a tendency to choose a favorite person.

Nebelungs will happily tolerate another cat, but they avoid strangers, even going so far as to hide under the bed from them! The Nebelung cat is the only long-haired cat to come exclusively in blue. They escorts teesside known for being highly intelligent, playful and gentle button button The Spruce Pets The Nebelung cat is as playful as it is gentle.

This domestic cat is known for its dense coat, they have double coat.

They love to cuddle and will follow their owner from room to room to keep you company. They're fond of curling up for long naps and TV watching sessions, and given the chance, they'll cuddle up with her favorite people at mckenzie escort kwinana.

The head should have a modified wedge shape, more pointed than it is round. The Nebelung is one of the most beautiful cats around, and is also gentle in nature.

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In the Nebelung was recognized as an official breed. She mated with a Russian Blue and the resultant five kittens had short coats, but there was one boy with a longer coat, and he was named Siegfried.

The coat is long, with the fur on the tail being longer and thicker than the rest of the body. The Nebelung is the longhaired variety of the Russian Blue.

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What are you going santamaria escort do about it? Nebelungs are sociable, outgoing and friendly, but their great good nature masks their fearsome intellect!

These cats, named Siegfried and Brunhilde, ultimately became the foundation for the Nebelung breed.