About Project

We often want or it’s better to say that we should get to know a brief or complete biography of a celebrity or a star or just some famous people. The searches for it may sometime lead to the result we were not looking for (instead of the star or famous people biography we find only the gossips). “All the biographies” portal is exactly what you were looking for. You will find here any brief or complete biography of a star or of any other famous people in just a few seconds.

Many sport, art and show business fans search for the biography of people who either directly or indirectly related to some particular sphere of business. Besides knowing the heroes of yours by sight, you should also know about their way of living. And indeed, the full or brief biography of the stars and celebrities will allow you to know the facts, which are not always mentioned by the press. Our portal will help you to get any information about your favorite hero (these are the interesting creative biographies of the great people).

If you are interested in someone in particular and wish to get either a brief or complete biography of that person, it is sufficient to enter his/her name into the search field. When the brief or complete biography of any famous person needed, you will only need to choose the corresponding item out from the menu bar. We have tried our best to divide the biographies by the sphere of their activities in order to make the search process easier and user-friendly.

Besides this, all the biographies go together with a picture of the celebrity. This way you can easily identify whether the search gave the desired result. We have also tried to make the biography collection of both native and foreign individuals. Thanks to the website you will be able to find the detailed information about the famous sportsmen, politicians or scholars from the abroad. You can use the search bar both in English and Russian. There would be no problems when searching for some interesting biographies. You will just need to enter the name into the search window or choose the item from the drop list menu.